Just in time for the holiday season, accommodation booking website Airbnb has produced an impressively detailed TV ad. The approximately one minute-long promotion features a lush, handmade set which was constructed from scratch without the use of computer generated imagery.

Welcome to Airbnb video

You adopt the point-of-view of a train winding through miniature environments in a magical world. Interestingly enough, the ad showcases actual listings from the site, adding another layer of depth and sincerity to Airbnb’s aspiration of making its members feel as if they can belong anywhere. Travelling makes the world feel smaller, connecting people and places, which is exactly what Airbnb is about.

Check out Airbnb’s latest commercial above.

Welcome to Airbnb

Some fun facts about the video:

  • “Welcome to Airbnb” was shot in a 40 square metre warehouse in Auckland, New Zealand,
  • 9 “Cirkus artists” mechanically moved all the transitions, by hand, as the train moved along the full length of the track,
  • The castle was 3D printed and then hand painted brick by brick,
  • Miniature modellers and model painters created more than 100 unique trees, more than 60 hand-cut houses and 240 tailor-made miniature flowers, grasses and shrubs,
  • 96 figurines were made – including six miniatures of real Airbnb guests and two dogs,
  • The film features seven different lighting environments, all happening ‘live’ at the same time,
  • On the day of the shoot, 85 attempts were made to shoot the whole film, which is just one take, and
  • 18 tables were used to raise the full length train track.

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