If you’re looking for simple ways to give your dishes an extra boost of flavor and moistness, consider adding a dollop of mayo. An even better solution is to substitute traditional mayo with eggless mayo. Unlike regular mayonnaise, eggless mayo is lower in fat and cholesterol, and since eggless mayo is plant based, you’ll also decrease your risk of food-borne illness.


Here are some dishes that eggless mayo pairs perfectly with.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a lifelong favorite side dish (or main dish) for many people. However, it’s only good if it’s creamy, and butter can add a lot of extra fat and calories. For guilt-free mac and cheese that tastes amazing, try adding a few spoonfuls of eggless mayo from Hampton Creek. Your mac and cheese should turn out with a wonderfully rich and creamy texture. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try adding other flavors of mayo, including Sriracha, garlic, or chipotle.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a staple side dish for outdoor events such as barbeques and picnics. When the food will be sitting outside in the sun for several hours, the risk of foodborne illness is increased. Nothing ruins the party like guests getting sick. To prevent this possibility, try replacing regular mayo with eggless mayo. Your potato salad will be just as delicious, and also have the added benefit of protection from salmonella and allergens, not to mention fewer calories and fat!


It might seem a bit odd to add mayo to cake, but this secret ingredient can make all the difference in the moisture and texture of the cake. Don’t worry about the flavor of mayonnaise finding its way into the sweetness of the cake—that won’t happen. The mayonnaise flavor is completely masked when you only use a small amount, and the cake will come out of the oven wonderfully moist. Mayo is known for working especially well in chocolate cakes, but it can also enhance the texture of all kinds of different cakes.


Chocolate chip cookies are so much chewier when mixed in with just a dash of mayonnaise. This has been a baking trick for years. If you’ve been trying your hand at baking cookies from scratch but they come out of the oven too crunchy and dry, just a little bit of eggless mayonnaise can help enhance the texture of the cookies. Baked goods are especially suited to being mixed with mayonnaise, as the long baking process can often lead to dryness.

Like cakes, muffins can also benefit from a splash of mayonnaise in the batter before baking. By limiting the use of full fat butter in the recipe, you can help to cut down on a few calories. If you’re interested in losing weight, making small changes in caloric intake each day can add up to a big difference over the course of time.

Use As An Oil

When you’re sautéing vegetables, sometimes olive oil can get a bit boring. If you’d like your vegetables to have a richer flavor, try adding a spoonful of eggless mayonnaise. You can get the nutrition from vegetables while adding a creamy texture that’s more enjoyable than just plain veggies sautéed in olive or canola oil.

Get Creative

When most people think about the use of mayonnaise, they’re just thinking about spreading it on a sandwich. While this is a classic use for mayonnaise, many people overlook its excellent qualities when used in other dishes. If you love to cook and you enjoy experimenting with different ingredients, use your imagination to dream up all kinds of interesting and unexpected ways to incorporate mayonnaise into your meals. Beyond baked goods, mayonnaise can be helpful in dishes like pasta salad, chip dips, and even as a marinade for meats. With a little inspiration, mayonnaise can transform the way you cook.

The Health Benefits of Eggless Mayonnaise

Many people love mayonnaise for its trademark texture and flavor. However, traditional mayonnaise tends to be high in calories, fat, and cholesterol. If you’re trying to make healthier choices without sacrificing flavor, it’s a good idea to look for smart substitutes so you don’t have to eat less of your favorite foods. Eggs are high in cholesterol and are a common food allergen, so eggless mayo from Hampton Creek is an excellent alternative to traditional mayo if you’re trying to make healthier choices or accommodate someone with a food allergy.