Can beer ever be used as currency? It can, apparently, if it’s Heineken.

Heineken sends Man of The World, Justin Bratton, on a 5,187 kilometer journey from Shangdu, Inner Mongolia to attend dance and music festival Sensation in Bangkok, Thailand “using nothing but Heineken, and a little bit of wit”.

Justin Bratton

Along this Sensational Journey, a modern take on the 12th century explorer Marco Polo’s Spice Route, the 30-year-old model uses bottles of Heineken as his currency and bargaining chip to earn rides and favours from strangers.

Follow Justin on his journey through Shangdu, Shanghai, Hanoi and Thailand. The series of 4 webisodes – Heineken Passport – documents his adventure and is thoroughly entertaining.

In one episode, he even wrestles with “hardcore” Mongolian wrestlers for a ride! Does he earn it? Watch and find out.

Join the journey at thepassport.sg to win great Heineken prizes including a trip for you and 3 friends to Sensation Taiwan.

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