Foodies Everywhere

Everyone loves food. In the United States, people know that you have to go to the big cities to get innovative and unique flavor offerings. People travel from all over to get a slice of famous New York style pizza and Chicago pizza. There is no better place to get them than those cities since the style originated there. California is a city that, unlike New York and Chicago, is not known for a specific type of food. Instead, it is known for having all types of food with a twist. If you wanted to go out in Los Angeles every night for a year, you would never eat the same food twice and you would be amazing by the offerings every night. The food never gets old because there are always new recipes and restaurants are always ready to try them out on customers.

How Can You Know Where to Go?

There are tons of food blogs on the internet that review many different types of restaurants. With these reviews, you are not always able to tell if the reviewer likes the same types of food and tastes that you prefer but you can get a pretty good idea if a restaurant is worth the time and money to try out. Everyone’s tastes differ so one bad review does not necessarily the food was bad. However, an abundance of bad reviews might lead you to come to that conclusion. It is always best to look at a few reviews before making a decision on trying out a new restaurant or dish. As the saying goes, “Never judge a book by it’s cover,” or never judge a dish by one solitary review.


California Food Blogs

In California, there are an abundance of food blogs available for research and reviews. One that stands out among the others is Maxim Gorin: A Foodie Blog. This blog is written by Max Gorin and the reason why it stands out is because he is not your typical food reviewer. Most food blog writers avoid breakfast dishes and restaurants. Maxim Gorin does not avoid them but embraces them. Maxim Gorin also loves restaurants that embrace flavor profiles from other cultures. If you are looking for a restaurant or dish that is exotic, you can probably find a review for it on Maxim Gorin. In many foodie blogs, you can expect to read about popular restaurants but in Maxim Gorin, you can read about some hidden treasures with delicious offerings.

Culture and Culinary Shifts

Another thing that makes Maxim Gorin stand out is that he not only reviews the food, but he gives his readers the history of the restaurant. Readers can learn how a place was started, why they chose to focus on a certain flavor palette, and so much more. Maxim Gorin is not just a foodie blog, it is a link to the local restaurant culture and history. He also takes a look at culinary shifts and what people are starting to enjoy. It is an interesting look at culinary culture.

Even if you are not located in California, find a local foodie blog so that you can try out some of the hidden gems in your area. If you ever venture to Southern California, try a few of the restaurants reviewed in Maxim Gorin.