In the past, travel in America was treated as an experience. People would vacation at a resort, a place that was typically secluded in a country setting. Spa treatments and a general relaxed atmosphere would surround them as they let their life’s stress drain away. They would save for most of the year, waiting and dreaming of the days that they would spend there. It would serve as the highlight of the year. Often, such places served the rich and famous and, for a brief moment in time, an average person could imagine that they were a part of the elite.

Times have changed for the people of the country. Many of them would prefer the noise, crowds and excitement of a city setting. The bright neon lights of a casino or the adrenaline thrill of an amusement park draws them like moths to a flame. Others would love to escape into the simpler world that is represented by an old-fashioned spa retreat and resort. Fortunately for them, places like Mohonk Mountain House still exist and are quite popular.

Mohonk Mountain House

Vacationers go to the resorts for a number of different reasons. Most of them offer outstanding service in a luxury setting. Huge, spreading buildings that resemble oversized English manor houses or French chalets that have large rooms and suites with a tasteful decor are the norm. Often they sit on large parcels of manicured land that seems just made for a leisurely stroll. Many add to this setting by having views of natural beauty such as mountains or seascapes.

Other visitors choose to travel there for the history of the locations. Large classical resorts usually have a long and rich history behind them. They will have tours of the grounds that tell what great events occurred that shaped the nation. They will tell of the movers and shakers in entertainment and politics once stayed and enjoyed the same hospitality that the guests now do. These stories will name names of who was there to forge what movie contract or to hammer out the treaty that granted the country a few more years of peace.

Still more of them go for the range of activities that can be had from such resorts. Days will be spent in golfing on private courses, playing a game of tennis, or choosing a horse to ride from a stable. If the resort sits on the water or has a lake, there will be boating and swimming. If they visit during the winter months, these activities will be replaced by cross-country skiing, snowboarding or ice-skating. Relaxing spa treatments such as massage, facials and saunas will pamper the guests. Exercise rooms and classes in yoga or spinning can bring out a healthy feeling. Nights will be spent enjoying the range of entertainment that a resort has to offer. Dancing, original shows and movies are among the things that will round out a day.

The best of the resorts will offer their visitors a combination of all three experiences. They will know that a person’s preferences for an experience will change day by day. Time spent on treating themselves at the spa will give way to a desire to hike a country trail. A historical tour will be even more memorable if it is preceded by a day boating on the lake. A resort’s flexibility can only enhance the overall stay of their patrons. This in turn will have the guests returning year after year.