I recently passed my first year as a mom. If I have to sum up the overall experience in one word, it is amazing. Or as Scott’s, the children’s health supplement maker puts it, “momazing”.

The first year is filled with joyous moments, sleepless nights, exhaustion and awe-inspiring experiences. The precious firsts and milestones still make me smile or fill my eyes with tears. My life changed from the moment I saw Ethan for the first time and his big brown eyes looked right back into mine. Every little thing I do, I would first have to question myself about whether it was safe for my baby or not. You could say that from the moment I knew I would be a mother, I stopped thinking just in terms of myself; anything I did also affected another human being.

I’m looking forward to the next phase in my son’s life and learning journey. Check out this video presented by Scott’s.

Here’s to the next momazing moment.

This post has been sponsored by Scott’s, but all thoughts are our own.