One recent ad campaign that I have to really enjoy is SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny. The message behind it is that our destiny is not determined by what we were born with. How true that is! Don’t we all have the freedom of choice to make decisions that effect our destiny, regardless of the background we come from? The most important factor that shapes our fate or destiny is, in fact, the results of the decisions and choices we ourselves made.

Krystal Choo

One particular story that has resonated with me is that of Krystal Choo. The entrepreneur from Singapore battled clinical depression in her teenage years before setting up a startup called Wander, developing an app connecting single travellers. Even in her field of work, which happens to be dominated by males, she continues to face certain gender discrimination and various obstacles.

Check out Krystal’s inspiring story in this video below and see how she draws strength from her darkness..

This post has been presented by SK-II, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.