Future Me

What if you could receive advice from your future self? Well, for one. Making decisions will be a much easier process.

Beauty brand SK-II created this heartwarming short film of a woman that receives text messages from her future self. Each time she meets with certain doubts in her daily life (Should she hit the gym? Is the man she’s dating worth her time?), her future self will send her timely advice through her tablet. As a result, she knows exactly what to do and always makes the right decisions. It does make you ponder on the philosophical side of things. How different would life be if everyone made the right choices all the time and no one made any mistakes? Great video. (Aside: how gorgeous is that piece of gadget?!)

SK-II conducted the Skin Destiny Study from March to April 2013, comparing the skin of women who used the brand’s Facial Treatment Essence with those who did not. A total of 272 women, aged in their 20s to 70s, from three major cities in Japan took part in the study.


Apparently, those women who made the early choice of using the product when they were in their late 20s to early 30s had younger-looking and much more beautiful skin than those who did not use it.

Our destiny lies in our hands, both figuratively and literally. Enjoy these videos, and don’t forget to share them.

Post sponsored by SK-II