Fat Cow restaurant at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore

Breaking into the Singapore Japanese dining scene, Fat Cow is a hidden gem located at Camden Medical Centre in Orchard. The word “Fat” in the restaurant’s name by no means refers to the fattiness and greasiness of the food that may cause you to put on a few pounds. Instead, it stands for luxury and indulgence.

Fat Cow restaurant at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore

Set foot into a maze of partitions and booths that caters for private as well as communal dining. Or make your way to the back of the restaurant for bar seating, where you can watch the chefs in action at the sushi bar and charcoal grill. A premium selection of beef and a delectable range of appetisers are available, alongside a vintage wine list and signature cocktails.

Fat Cow restaurant at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore
What looks like a piece of art installation against the white-tiled walls, is actually the façade and entrance to Fat Cow!


Fat Cow restaurant at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore

Otoro aburi sushi, chutoro garlic, marinated akami

Trio of Maguro (Otoro aburi sushi, chutoro garlic, marinated akami)

The Trio of Maguro features three different parts of the tuna. The fattiest part, the Otoro Aburi, is seared with a blowtorch right before your very eyes, elevating it to a different level with a subtle smoky touch. The freshness of the sashimi is evident in the succulent finish.

Tai carpaccio with black truffle

Tai carpaccio with black truffle

The tai carpaccio with black truffle is a must-try! The fresh sashimi is sliced paper-thin, while the aroma of the black truffle simply just blows you away. If you’re willing to splurge a little, the carpaccio will set you back $38 for an appetiser but it is worth every cent.

Zucchini Blossom tempura

Zucchini Blossom tempura

You may feel the pinch to spend $38 on 2 pieces of tempura, but each sizeable piece of Zucchini Blossom tempura is well executed and is not easily available.

Zucchini Blossom tempura

Wagyu ox tendon and foie gras

Wagyu ox tendon and foie gras

The wagyu ox tendon and foie gras takes two days to prepare, so relish the morsels slowly. The Wagyu ox tendon is melt-in-the-mouth tender, and even the accompanying radish is soft and well cooked.

Lunch Set

The lunch set menu is available on weekdays from 12noon to 3pm. It includes:

  • Chawanmushi
  • Seasonal salad
  • Miso soup
  • Dessert

There are over 10 variations of lunch sets for your picking, ranging from S$42 to S$60++.

Miso broth, salad, chawanmushi and dessert

The seasonal salad has a refreshing lift from the dressing, and even non-veggie lovers will be willing to sample.

The chawanmushi is made from organic New Zealand eggs, giving it a silkier texture. You can find prawns, scallop, mushroom and okra within the warm, smooth custard.

Wagyu donburi

Wagyu donburi

Set lunch highlights include the Wagyu donburi that comes with sliced Wagyu beef with onsen egg and shiro negi.

Foie gras & Wagyu donburi

Foie gras & Wagyu donburi

The foie gras & Wagyu donburi set is great for those who like a mixture of components rather than an all-beef dish. The foie gras, however, is not as ideally thick and is prone to being overcooked.

The matcha ice cream – made in-house – boasts a distinctive green tea flavour without being too bitter or too sweet. A scoop is perfect to end a hearty meal!

Warabi mochi

Warabi mochi

The house-made warabi mochi is another must-try! It is so soft, unlike the run-off-the-mill ones that are too chewy. Two dipping powders – soya and green tea – are available. The mochi has a natural sticky surface that allow the powders to coat it beautifully. Both powders go well with the mochi; it really boils down to your own preferences.


Hop over to the cocktail bar to relax in the cosy ambience.

Fat Cow restaurant at Camden Medical Centre, Singapore

For the adventurous, you can opt for the Dealer’s Choice. Based on your preferred flavours, mixologist Matthew Radali will prepare a one-of-a-kind cocktail to complement your meal.

Dramble cocktail with Jameson's, Fat Cow bourbon and vanilla syrup, fresh Yuzu juice and Creole bitters


Creative cocktails include Dramble, which is composed of Jameson’s, Fat Cow bourbon and vanilla syrup, fresh Yuzu juice and Creole bitters. The flavours are well blended without overpowering another. It is a tad intoxicating though.

Keeping in line with Fat Cow’s modern Japanese approach to its cuisine, the cocktails blend eastern and western ingredients and flavours.

For a luxurious meal of quality offerings, Fat Cow fits the bill!

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Fat Cow
Camden Medical Centre
1 Orchard Boulevard #01-01
Singapore 248649
Tel: +65 6735 0308 | Website

Opening hours:
Lunch: Mon to Sat 12noon – 3pm
Dinner: Mon to Fri: 6pm – 11pm
Bar: Open till 2am on Fri, Sat & Eve of PH
Closed on Sundays