Now try saying that ten times fast!

Right after the trend of bubble tea, milkshakes are looking to be the next beverage craze to sweep the nation. I have always had a thing for milkshakes, but choices are but a handful, and flavours often common. That is, until MakeShake‘s arrival.

MakeShake at City Square Mall, Singapore

Hot on the heels of other designer sweet treats, the vivid and colourful MakeShake is a Singapore start-up that draws customers with fully customisable milkshakes.

House-created reduced-sugar vanilla ice cream is used, so you can be sure that the resulting milkshake is thick, yet will not drown out the flavours of your selected ingredients.

MakeShake at City Square Mall, Singapore

With the smorgasbord of ingredients – affectionately termed as “shake-ins” – ranging from lychees to gummy bears and Hello Panda biscuits, the possibilities are almost intimidating!

MakeShake at City Square Mall, Singapore

The MakeShake milkshakes are available in two sizes:

  • Small (S$3.70), includes 1 shake-in. Option for an additional shake-in (S$0.70)
  • Large (S$5.20), includes 2 shake-ins. Option to add up to 4 shake-ins

MakeShake at City Square Mall, Singapore

There’s definitely something for everyone, including the most hardcore sweet tooths or those looking for a light fruity option. The friendly staff are quick to offer suggestions if you find it difficult to make a choice. Alternatively, you can pick from the best-selling combinations (S$3.90/small and S$5.40/large) or the “Flavour of the Moment”.

Peanut butter milkshake

Peanut butter + Famous Amos cookies

Peanut butter sandwich

If you like your milkshakes thick, go for choices like peanut butter or Nutella. Peanut butter naturally thickens up a milkshake, explains co-founder Daphne Ng. Mixing it with Famous Amos cookies automatically gives it a fragrant touch, similar to that of freshly baked cookies from the oven.

Consisting of peanut butter, banana and dark chocolate fudge, the delicious peanut butter sandwich reminds me of home-made peanut butter and banana sandwiches. While the dark chocolate fudge adds a slight tinge of flavour, it does not really enhance the flavour by much.

Earl Grey tea + Werther's Original butterscotch milkshake

Earl Grey tea + Werther’s Original butterscotch milkshake

With the distinctive flavour and aroma of Earl Grey tea, the milkshake transforms into a more sinful version of a tea-based ice-blended beverage. If you like something lighter, choose tea as one of your shake-ins.

The Werther’s Original candy, true to the sweet itself, lends a sweet caramel taste. Definitely something I look forward to trying again.

MakeShake at City Square Mall, Singapore

With a cheeky slogans, cute graphics and a wide variety of ingredients to play around with, MakeShake sures makes milkshakes fun and individual. It’s no wonder many go back to create new concoctions.

MakeShake at City Square Mall, Singapore

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