Swensen's ice cream

Swensen’s, serving delicious ice cream sundaes and affordable American bistro fares since 1979, is now expanding its menu to cater more to the local taste buds. The new menu consists of Asian-fusion delights that will pique your interest, in addition to old familiar favourites.

Swensen's ice cream

Check out some of these new items!

Laksa aglio olio with king prawns

Spicy Laksa aglio olio with king prawns

Pasta is given an Asian twist in the laksa aglio olio with king prawns. This rendition is infused with laksa-flavoured pesto, teamed with chopped chilli padi. The sauce isn’t exactly coconut-laden and creamy though, so do not expect a distinct laksa flavour.

Spiced king prawns & chips

Spiced king prawns & chips

As for the spiced king prawns & chips, golden fried breaded king prawns are served with signature fries and coleslaw. The batter contains Swensen’s very own spice recipe, yielding a fragrant and sprightly crispy crust.

Personally, I feel that a side of baked potato or a bed of mash would have made a better accompaniment to the fries and lessens the overall fried component of this dish.

Crab meat fried rice

Crab meat fried rice

The crab meat fried rice is a crowd pleaser. Traditional fried rice is tossed with crab meat, diced carrots, Shiitake mushrooms and eggs, and crowned with crispy battered soft shell crab. The flavour and essence of wok hei prevails.

Tuna ciabatta

Tuna ciabatta

For a simple and hearty quick meal, the tuna ciabatta is deeply satisfying. Tuna mayo, juicy farm fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce and onions are sandwiched between grilled ciabatta bread, served alongside U.S fries and mixed greens.

If you would like something different from the usual coleslaw, the mixed greens salad is exceedingly appetising! The use of ciabatta bread – crusty, fragrant, and pillow-soft on the inside – scores high points. Plus, the portion is huge too!

Swensen's 88 chicken sandwich

Swensen’s 88 chicken sandwich

The Swensen’s 88 chicken sandwich tastes like pizza. Succulent marinated chicken, sautéed to perfection, is nestled between grilled ciabatta bread with melted cheese, green peppers and onions. The ratio of ingredients is just right, thus providing consistent taste and wonderfully contrasting textures in every bite.

Kid’s menu

Pirate's Adventure Kid's Meal

Pirate’s Adventure Kid’s Meal

For the young ones, the Pirate’s Adventure Kid’s Meal offers a choice of 7 main courses, served with corn cup, soft drink, apple or orange juice. That adorable pirate ship can even be brought home as a souvenir!

Pirate's Adventure Kid's Meal


Hazelnut, cookies 'n' cream and Rocky Road ice cream

The Rock

Comprising three signature ice cream flavours: hazelnut, cookies ‘n’ cream and Rocky Road, The Rock sundae is garnished with marshmallow sauce, hot caramel, cocoa pops and wafers from Italy. This dessert is served on a bed of dry ice; it will attract the attention of diners around as it makes a spectacular entrance!

Ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwich

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this unique ice cream sandwich of smooth vanilla ice cream held between handmade chocolate cookies. For double the dose of satisfaction, dip it into the luscious warm chocolate sauce that is kept molten above a candle. Don’t forget to eat the cute looking cookie robot!

Swensen's ice cream

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