Wave House Sentosa is the latest addition to the Wave House chain, allowing surfing enthusiasts to have fun in the formerly “wave-less” Singapore. Besides pumping up the local sports scene with hi-tech wave-producing installations, Wave House also excites diners with an in-house restaurant.

Located within walking distance from the Sentosa Beach Station, I recommend taking a leisurely stroll from the station to take in the sights and sounds of the beach clubs along the way. A buggy transportation service is also available.

Wave House Restaurant at Sentosa, Singapore

You would find Wave House nicely tucked away in the eastern corner of Sentosa, housed at a standalone building. Upon entering the establishment, the warm lights and earthy colours lend a cosy ambiance to the premises.

Wave House Restaurant at Sentosa, Singapore


Torchon of foie gras & smoked duck breast

Torchon of foie gras & smoked duck breast (sampling portion)

While the foie gras served with sweet sugared toast is supposed to be the main attraction of the dish, it is the succulent duck breast pairing with pear vincotto that steals the limelight.

Black pepper sesame crust tuna tataki

Black pepper sesame crust tuna tataki (sampling portion)

Slices of lightly seared tuna tataki coated with a crust of black pepper and sesame, then drizzled with an enhancing fragrant mix of sesame and balsamic vinegar dressing makes this an extremely appetising dish!


Braised Australian beef cheek

Braised Australian beef cheek (sampling portion)

Cooked to fork-tender, the braised Australian beef cheek marries well with the fresh mushroom ragout and flavourful gravy. You can also enjoy it with the side of edamame, which adds an extra dimension to both texture and taste.

Blackened fillet of salmon

Blackened fillet of salmon (sampling portion)

The salmon fillet, seared over high temperatures to seal in flavour conceals a small portion of uncooked fresh meat within. It is not as noteworthy when compared with the other mains. Personally, I enjoy the varied textures the dish provides with a square of deep-fried salmon skin and smooth potato mash.

Pan roasted emperor snapper fillet

Pan roasted emperor snapper fillet (sampling portion)

While the crab hash side and accompanying sausage are not impressive, the snapper fillet is scrumptious; it is delicate and fresh with a natural sweetness highlighted by the crab jus and pickled fennel.


Chocolate lava cake

Chocolate lava cake

I have always been a fan of chocolate lava cakes, so I immediately jump at this dessert. The lava cake may be of average size, it is full-bodied and filled with rich and thick chocolate.

Chocolate lava cake

Look at how the molten chocolate flows! Even though the thin chilli strips add a nice touch of colour and spiciness, they are a tad hard. The pairing with vanilla ice cream makes the overall dessert a bit too sweet for my liking.

Airy milk chocolate cloud

Airy milk chocolate cloud

The lovely airy milk chocolate cloud dessert is a definite highlight of the evening. It is topped with blended raspberry granite and praline nougatine that adds a crunchy texture to the milk chocolate base. This light and slightly sweet treat is extremely satisfying and a must-order!

Wave House Restaurant at Sentosa, Singapore

With modern interiors, candlelight setting and prompt service, I foresee this quiet, secluded restaurant to become a popular dating spot. Wave House provides an opportunity to escape from our busy concrete jungle. There is also an outdoor beach bar area to kick back and chill after a meal if you have time.

Wave House Restaurant at Sentosa, Singapore

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Wave House
36 Siloso Beach Walk
Singapore 099007
Tel: +65 6377 3113 | Website

Opening hours:
Restaurant: Daily 11am – 11pm (10:30pm last order)
Beach bar: Mon – Fri 10am – 11pm
Wed, Sat, Sun & PH 9am – 11pm