Your bathroom can receive all the attention to detail as the rest of your house. A good place to start is with a new, creative bathroom sink. These designs are creative solutions for a flattering new look for your bathroom. If you want to replace your bathroom sink, you can use these ideas and more for inspiration.

The 3D Artistic Sink

Definitely one for the creatives out there, this type of sink imitates the 3D shape of a diamond. It is definitely a modern approach on the traditional square sinks.

The Natural Stone Sink

For nature lovers or those who want a bathroom with a twist, this vessel bathroom sink will definitely stand out. Natural stone sinks can come in various colours and shapes – even more interesting as they can each have unique characteristics and colorations.

The Époque Sink

Belle époque lovers can adorn their bathroom with a beautiful, less-ordinary type of sink. It is an elegant sink with legs and plenty of countertop room.

The Waterfall Sink

This type of sink is essentially a vessel one with a twist: the waterfall faucet provides water in an entirely new fashion.

The Spiral Design Sink

While this leans more towards the traditional wall-mounted sink, its design is unique and reflects the flow of water as well as one of the most iconic shapes in nature. This bathroom sink design will set your bathroom apart.

Does any one of these bathroom sink designs suit your own home? The next step is deciding on your favourite design and talking to an expert for help. A team of local plumbers can help you with a new sink installation and other plumbing work in your house.