Sparklette was among 8 blogs from Singapore who had the opportunity of embarking on an engaging Nikon adventure with 3 Taiwanese bloggers.

Armed with a Nikon J1, we set out on a photo journey to Little India and the Merlion in Singapore. We had so much fun just trying out various shooting techniques and camera functions!

Check out the photos and videos we captured at the Nikon I AM A MOTION HERO website.


You can also find information and photo galleries of the various bloggers. Be sure to read about their experiences with the Nikon 1 if you are interested in this camera. The girls have been going gaga over the various colours of the body, especially the one in pretty baby pink!

Nikon 1 J1 compact camera in pink

The Nikon 1 is a light and handy camera that you can use at any occasion to capture a bountiful of fun candid moments. The camera feels comfortable in your hands and it is just so easy to use!

Apart from its aesthetically pleasing façade, this easy-to-use camera will impress photo bugs too. Despite its size, the image quality is not inferior to an entry-level DSLR.

Two particularly outstanding functions are the Motion Snapshot and Movie functions. We have introduced the Motion Snapshot function in our Nikon J1 review. And if you thought that was action-packed, the Movie function is even more dramatic!

The advanced movie feature allows you to take a full-resolution photo while filming without any interruption. Movies can be recorded in full HD and the phase-detection autofocus system is great for capturing action scenes without losing focus.

Nikon 1 Slow Motion Samples

With the Nikon 1’s blazing fast auto-focus and continuous shooting capabilities, you can turn simple motions into breath-taking images.

Spontaneous Singapore bloggers team up with Taiwanese bloggers and turn into Motion Heroes!

Taiwanese bloggers turn into Motion Heroes with the slow-motion movie function!

If you are keen to capture the world in a whole new fun way, the tool to doing just that will be the Nikon 1.

Win Nikon 1 J1 and V1 cameras!

Nikon I AM A MOTION HERO contest

To get your hands on the Nikon 1 camera and accessories, just take part in the Nikon I AM A MOTION HERO contest that ends April 10, 2012. Snap and submit your photos and stand a chance to win brand new Nikon 1 J1 and V1 cameras!

The videos in this post are taken with the Nikon 1 J1 with a 10-30mm kit lens.