We’ve been taught in schools to reduce, reuse and recycle. Many of us have brought some of these eco-friendly habits into adulthood and are more environmentally-aware than the previous generations.

However we can still do more to go green. The CO2 level in the atmosphere has hit 400 parts per million (above the sustainable limit of 350ppm), a first time in 800,000 years.

Sea levels are expected to rise 46 cm in the next 100 years, which will impact us as the ground level of about 30% of Singapore is less than 5m above the mean sea level.

Go green

What can we do to ensure our generation will not make the same environmental mistakes our predecessors did? Check out these 5 tips to leave a better planet to our next generation.

Be a green shopper

Avoid individually-packaged or single-serve items by buying in bulk and dividing up at home in reusable containers.

Look for items that come in recyclable materials and avoid putting your produce in plastic bags unless you plan to reuse those bags at home.

NTUC FairPrice Recycle Corner

Visit supermarkets that encourage green shopping, have recycle corners and reward you for going green (such as NTUC FairPrice’s Bring Your Own Bag Checkout counter).

NTUC FairPrice Bring Your Own Bag Checkout

Be an eco-influencer

Influencing those around you to be more eco-conscious generates a more powerful ripple effect.

As the impact of climate change is being keenly felt by those below 35 today, environmental activists can leverage on platforms such as Young NTUC to create a better environment for their children and grandchildren, who will see the changes in their lifetime.

Lastrina, Young NTUC activist

Through Young NTUC, eco-influencer Lastrina has organised local community outreach events and attended the Conference Of the Parties (COP20) in Lima to create networks with youth participants from other Asian countries.

Her goal is influence government decision-making with respect to the environment and form strong networks of Singaporean and South-East Asian youth eco-activists.


Through a popular sport like running, Young NTUC’s RUN 350 also aims to raise awareness of the 350 movement (the need to lower atmospheric CO2 levels to a sustainable 350 parts per million).

Young NTUC RUN 350

Early bird registrations end 11 January 2015.

Green your home

Kitchen appliances

Exercise eco-friendly decisions at home by purchasing energy and water saving appliances, declutter and recycle your waste.

For those living up North in Singapore, check out Green Homes @ North West‘s tips on how to do so. They provide a Green Home Guide here.

Recycle @ North West

Recycle responsibly


NEA has placed recycling bins around our sunny island (find out your nearest bin here).

Learn how to recycle responsibly (don’t put food or liquid wastes in the recycling bin as this attracts pests).

How to recycle

Continually learn more about saving the Earth

Environmental activist

Here are some websites to learn more about the state of our Earth’s environment and tips on saving the Earth.

Let’s do our part to help our planet for our future generations. Share this post with your friends.