As someone who breathes web design and loves the Internet, I am connected to the web the entire day, be it on my iMac, my iPad or my smartphone. I am used to communicating with people over email, catching up with friends on Facebook and Instagram, and corresponding with work acquaintances over Skype. In recent years when I launched my new web-based businesses, I found myself spending even more time in front of the computer, if that was even possible. There was always new content to write, new graphics to create, updates to keep up with; a deluge of emails I had to respond to right away.

This scenario probably sounds familiar for many of us. In the past people used to talk to one another over long phone conversations, or ask each other out and meet in person. These days we are interacting with screens rather than people. Parents out to dinner will keep their toddlers and young children entertained with tablets while they text or play games on their phones until the food arrives. We hardly even look at one another anymore.

This lovely commercial by Prudential has been making the rounds lately. It’s a social experiment where people of varying relationships: husband and wife, parent and child, siblings look at each other for 4 minutes. The relatives interact and react, and it feels special and endearing.

Prudential 4 Minutes Ad

Its wordlessly compelling message is perfectly understandable in any language. There is nothing that is more urgent than the real life we are living, every day, and the family and friends who are right in front of us.

This post has been sponsored by Prudential, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.