Shibuya 109 (pictured before) is a landmark building. It spans several levels, each one of them packed with ladies’ fashion stores selling hip and trendy clothing. It is much like our far East plaza, only cooler and with many more stores.

Mannequins in store window

90 percent of the shoppers here are young Japanese ladies. Most of them are hawt! Guys would totally go gaga over them!

Oh by the way, you can totally get away with wearing anything you like in Tokyo, regardless of how outlandish it may be. People here dress really loudly and they look good!

Tower Records at Shibuya, Tokyo

Tower records store. That bright yellow and red signboard is hard to miss!

Funky bus spotted along Shibuya, Tokyo

Just along the road outside tower records, we spotted a brightly-coloured, funky-looking bus. It had no windows and was simply a mobile advertisement for mihimaru gt’s new album. (mihimaru gt is a j-pop duo.) it looked so cheery, many people stopped to snap pictures on their mobile phones!