Coconut tree structure

After lunch, we spotted this cute coconut tree structure near the Italian restaurant. I found it to be really apt during the hot Japan summer!

Not satisfied with the almost fruitless shopping trip from the previous day, we went back to the Shibuya shopping district again.

Parco Part-2

(I love this shot above. The sky was a gorgeous shade. I didn’t even have to photoshop the image!)

They have some rather interesting naming conventions for buildings. The one above is parco part-2. There’s parco part-1 and parco part-3 nearby. Similarly for the trendy Shibuya 109 building I blogged about in yesterday’s post, there’s also 109-2 in the same vicinity.

G-Shock clock

Spotted at Shibuya: this giant g-shock was an actual functioning clock!

Pretty soon, we had to duck into a cute dessert café for some cool relief! Summer in Japan is really no joke. During my trip, there was news that some 15 Japanese died due to the heat. It was really bad.

The temperature skyrocketed to 40 degrees Celsius at times, but most afternoons it lingered between 36 and 38. It made Singapore seem really cool in comparison. I could buy 6 or 7 bottled drinks from vending machines throughout the day and find myself not having to pee once. Yes, it was THAT hot!

You know what goes great with the hot weather?