Band welcoming visitors to Disneyland

The band welcomes us!

Xanthe and I with Pinocchio, Disneyland

We found Pinocchio walking about and had our picture taken with him! Look, he’s a real boy! In the Shrek movies, Pinocchio is my favourite character after Gingerbread Man and Puss in Boots!

Me with Chip, Disneyland

I found Chip ‘n Dale too! All the kids were clamoring to get pictures with them because they’re oh-so-kawaii. I love them! But they were running somewhere really quickly (in separate directions, no less!) and I had to run after Chip for a long distance before he finally took a picture with me! I wondered why they were in such a rush! (I found out eventually. Read on!)

World Bazaar, Disneyland

This is the world bazaar. It consists of two intersecting streets that form the entrance to Disneyland. You would find shops, cafés and restaurants lining both sides of the streets. All the shops here are Victorian-styled!

Pastry Palace at World Bazaar, Disneyland

Even the lampposts and rubbish bins look beautiful! How very quaint! I love this purple shop called Pastry Palace. It sells all kinds of cookies and pastries.

World Bazaar Confectionery at World Bazaar, Disneyland

Isn’t this confectionery pretty? Love those brick walls!

World Bazaar Confectionery glass cabinet window