Every year, young employees fall into the intimate industry who help bring a lot of unusual and interesting things to this sphere. And therefore, indicative prices for intimate entertainment are constantly changing, depending on the demand and request of the client. Ukraine in this market lags far behind developed countries, as the rates for individual services are underestimated in view of the difficult economic situation and the legal status of the sex segment. Therefore, analysts at https://hot-love.info/prostitutki-kharkova  conducted a very large sociological study, studied the characteristics of intimate tourism in 3 well-known states with almost equal economies.

Ukraine - Mecca for economical tourism

Ukraine - Mecca for economical tourism

Due to the fact that the rate for Ukrainian prostitutes starts with a small amount of $ 13 per hour, tens of thousands of tourists from the most unsuccessful countries of the Earth visit our country in a calendar year. For example, guys from Turkey, India, Egypt often come to Ukrainian craftswomen, somewhat less often from Italy and Scandinavia. However, there are also dear girls in Ukraine who work with wealthy tourists - an hour of fun with them will cost from $ 120.

Belarus is a new competitor to the EU

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Although the price level in a neighboring country is considered normal for all social categories of clients, the sex industry is here at the same high level as in the EU countries. For example, even a mediocre girl will require two and a half thousand hryvnias for 1 hour of bed exercises, and a full night will pull five hundred bucks. Despite this, the quality of services of Belarusian cuties is deservedly considered excellent - the girls are ready for experiments, and therefore men are happy to seek them from different countries.

Thailand - a paradise for intimate tourism


The most affordable market for sex services awaits a curious tourist in Thailand. Here, all kinds of trances, girls, lady-fights and even whores with an unusual orientation are ready to have fun with men tearing for sex for two hundred UAH per hour. At the same time, the state guarantees an impressive variety of non-standard and rare entertainments, and therefore connoisseurs of new products fly here, regardless of the size of their wallet and month.

However, Ukraine has every chance to attract a flow of rich tourists, because the country often raises the issue of legalizing the sex industry.