Fat burners are one of the most popular sports supplements. From the point of view of the manufacturers, their principle of action is based on accelerating metabolism, blocking hunger and normalizing metabolic processes in the body, which, in theory, should lead to weight loss.

In fact, the main ingredient in legal fat burners is caffeine, which makes the heart beat faster and suppresses appetite. BEST FAT BURNER Stronger substances are prohibited by law because they can be addictive and have a long list of contraindications.

Fat burners are a category of sports nutrition designed to reduce body weight.

However, contrary to the name, they cannot literally "burn fat" and weight loss with their help is achieved only by increasing the level of activity and slightly blocking the appetite.

At the same time, only a few of the sports fat burners are able to influence these parameters as well, while the vast majority of supplements contain large doses of caffeine and secondary components with a very controversial evidence base.

You need to understand that fat burners are not drugs. That is, they are not tested for compliance with safety standards and for the absence of contraindications. That's why manufacturers use the abstract phrases "improve", "promote", "normalize"