Fans of NeNe Chicken – one of Korea’s most popular lifestyle fast food eateries – can finally savour it here in Singapore.

NeNe Chicken in Singapore

Known in Korea as the “sauce-coated chicken specialist”, this is no ordinary fried chicken. The crispy fried chicken is coated with a selection of secret recipe sauces that each embraces a distinct flavour and character.

NeNe Chicken in Singapore

A Super Meal costs S$9.90, which includes buffalo sticks (fries), pickled radish and a drink.

NeNe Chicken's green onion tender Super Meal

Green onion tender Super Meal

For the green onion tender Super Meal, chunks of chicken tenders are drizzled with a sweet savoury sauce that add moisture without losing the crunch. They are topped with crunchy green onion, which adds a touch of freshness and colour, and also helps cut the cloyingness of fried food.

NeNe Chicken's snowing cheese wings & sticks

Snowing cheese wings & sticks
S$7.90 for 4 pieces Super Meal

The snowing cheese has a nice crunchy exterior that’s liberally dusted with cheese powder – cheese lovers will be delighted.

NeNe Chicken's Swicy wings & sticks

Spicy Swicy wings & sticks
S$7.90 for 4 pieces Super Meal

One of the highlights for me would be the Swicy wings & sticks. This is a sweet and spicy hybrid comprising ketchup, garlic, onion, soy sauce and a hint of chilli that hits all the right notes. The chicken is incredibly moist and flavourful underneath that thick red sauce and crispy skin.

NeNe Chicken's Freaking hot wings & sticks

Spicy Freaking hot wings & sticks
S$7.90 for 4 pieces Super Meal

If your palate dares, take on the Freaking hot wings & sticks. It is just a thin line from setting your tongue ablaze. Despite being coated in sauce, the special batter has the ability to remain crispy.

A bigger portion, Freaking hot 9-piece whole chicken/wings & sticks is available for a cosy party to share.

NeNe Chicken's side dishes

Side dishes
S$1.90 each

Side dishes include pickled radish and coleslaw.

NeNe Chicken's NeNePOP popcorn chicken


The NeNePOP is perfect for a movie date. This nifty creation consists of a cup filled with your choice of soda, followed by a special container that fits neatly on top to hold mini hash balls and NeNe popcorn chicken. A straw fits into a small slot so you can enjoy the drink while eating your snack on the go. How convenient!

NeNe Chicken's gloves

If you do not wish to get your hands dirty, NeNe Chicken has solved this for you. Put on your gloves and dig in! There’s also a little bucket for you to dispose of the bones.

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NeNe Chicken
Star Vista
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Opening hours: 11am – 10pm daily