Spizza along East Coast Road, Singapore
Spizza restaurant at East Coast Road

Spizza recently unveiled its latest outlet along East Coast Road. It is located in the bustling Katong heritage precinct where rows of shophouses offer a diverse range of cuisines.

Spizza along East Coast Road, Singapore

Sporting a modern and minimalistic look, the Spizza East Coast outlet is slightly dim with a cosy vibe. The expansive full-length glass windows allow natural light to illuminate the restaurant in the day – great for people-watching too!

Spizza along East Coast Road, Singapore

Cosy up in the sofa seats, or sit near the open kitchen to watch the pizza chef in action. The wood-fired pizza dough is freshly baked daily!

Spizza along East Coast Road, Singapore

On each table, you will find a pot of fresh natural herbs that are associated with Italian cooking, such as thyme and oregano.

Passion fruit cooler

Spizza signature cooler

Lychee quencher

To quench your thirst, the Spizza signature cooler is concocted with fresh passion fruit and soda. This zingy and refreshing beverage really helps beat the heat.

The lychee quencher is a personal favourite, as it is a sweeter option compared to the passion fruit cooler. It even comes with a pair of large lychees!

Cream of wild mushroom soup


For something that will warm your tummy on a cold rainy day, the cream of wild mushroom soup is a vegetarian choice that is served with a generous portion of toasted bread. The large bowl of soup is ample for two or three to share.

Portobello Al Forno

Portobello al forno

For starters, the portobello al forno is highly recommended. The palm-sized portobello mushrooms are topped with bolognese sauce and taleggio cheese and baked to a golden sheen.

Portobello Al Forno

The minced beef drenched in the delicious sauce goes beautifully with the huge and juicy mushrooms.

Parma ham gondola-shaped pizza

Isabella in gondola
S$19++ for medium / S$23++ for large

The Isabella in gondola, a Venice-inspired boat-shaped pizza, looks inventive and alluring, but turns out slightly disappointing. The parma ham is a touch chewy for my liking. For those who love carbohydrates and prefer a dense dough, you will enjoy this. There is also a surprising element of tomato sauce and cheese within, which adds moisture and flavour to the dough.

When it comes to regular pizzas, you have a choice of 26 flavours, each one creatively named after classic Italian females. Every month, there is a “Star” pizza that consists of either a specialty dough with distinctive flavours such as spinach, squid ink and whole wheat, or unique pizza toppings. You can also customise your pizza with the large variety of toppings and olive oil-marinated spices.

Pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, cooked ham, rucola and sun-dried tomatoes

S$18++ for medium / S$22++ for large

Rebecca is a white pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, cooked ham, rucola and sun-dried tomatoes. I like the fact that the pizza base is rendered crisp and thin, charred without an unpleasant burnt odour.

Pizza with smoked salmon

S$19++ for medium / S$23++ for large

Ursula is a worthy pick; I highly recommend it to salmon lovers. The thick pieces of smoked salmon go perfectly with the blobs of creamy and smooth mascarpone cheese on a tomato-base sauce.

Those who love a good amount of greens will be delighted with the generous topping.



The gnocchi is another highlight. It is handmade with a highly appealing chewy and starchy texture. Immersed in full-flavoured gorgonzola cheese, you can choose to have it with either cooked ham or the vegetarian option of peas.

Squid ink taglierini

Squid ink taglierini

Apart from pizzas, you can also customise your own pasta. Choose between dry and fresh pasta, and select a sauce to pair with your favourite type of pasta. There’s an option of “flavoured pasta of the month”, which is squid ink taglierini during our visit.

The mixed seafood tomato sauce goes perfectly well with the squid ink pasta. The tangy sauce brings a nice balance of flavour and coats the black pasta beautifully. The seafood is fresh and well-executed; the prawns are crunchy while the squid is soft and not chewy. This is probably the best dish in our meal.

Oliva E Vanilla

Oliva E Vanilla

To end your meal on a sweet note, check out the Oliva E Vanilla dessert, composed of a dense chocolate cake – made in-house with extra virgin olive oil – served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The taste of olive oil is subtle and the dark chocolate masks the scent nicely. This is less fattening compared to the conventional cake that is made with butter.

As for the service standards, we are pleasantly surprised to receive such professional service in a pizzeria, where the highly efficient waitstaff are donned in smart attire. Spizza makes a good dining venue for various types of gatherings. If you don’t have time to head down for a meal, there is also a delivery service that you can make use of.

Spizza along East Coast Road, Singapore

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