Min Jiang restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

This Chinese New Year, the culinary team at Goodwood Park Hotel has put together a whole range of festive delights. For reunion meals, dine-in ala carte and set menus are available at the two Min Jiang restaurants located at the hotel and Rochester Park.

Meticulously crafted cakes and goodies are available at the Deli. If you are looking for a western experience, the festive afternoon tea at L’Espresso is one buffet you must not miss.

Min Jiang

Hamachi yellowtail yusheng

Hamachi yusheng (available for dine-in only)
S$118++ (large)

The signature hamachi (yellowtail) yusheng (raw fish salad) possesses traditional flavours with a touch of unconventional ingredients. To name some, they include flying fish roe, wasabi ebiko (prawn roe), seaweed and French chives, amidst mesclun greens, shredded red and white carrots, Buddha’s hand citron, jellyfish, onions and pomelo.

Hamachi yellowtail yusheng

The pine nuts and sesame seeds provide delightful coarse textures while the house-made taro and sweet potato crisps add an enjoyable crunch.

Hamachi yellowtail yusheng lo hei

For additional flavour, drizzle on the chef’s secret sweet sauce with a squeeze of lime. Now you’re all set to toss to a prosperous new year!

Golden Fortune chicken

Golden Fortune chicken (available for dine-in and takeaway)
S$198 for 6 persons

The visually appealing Golden Fortune chicken makes a memorable show-stopper of a dish. It symbolises an abundance of wealth, and is accompanied by 8 gold-wrapped hard-boiled eggs. Get into some hammering action and watch the chicken-shaped salt crust slowly crack to reveal the lotus leaves-wrapped filling.

Golden Fortune chicken

The delectable ingredients include chicken, whole Australian abalone, dried scallops, black moss, flower mushrooms and dang gui. These are oven-baked for 4 hours, sealing in the rich flavours. The result is chicken meat that is flavoursome and moist throughout; even the leanest parts are melt-in-your-mouth tender!

Stewed pork belly roll with Sichuan pickle sauce

Stewed pork belly roll with Sichuan pickle sauce (available for dine-in and takeaway)
S$218 for 6 persons

With a minimum of 6 hours’ cooking required, the stewed pork belly roll is clearly a labour of love. An ample slice of pork belly is hand-rolled and braised with garlic and chilli for 5 hours. The ensuing rich stock and pork belly roll are then removed and stewed with Sichuan pickled vegetables and chillies for an additional hour, forming a remarkably robust and intensely flavourful pickle sauce base.

Stewed pork belly roll with Sichuan pickle sauce

Notable co-stars in this pot of deliciousness are premium Australian abalones, dried oysters, black moss and Tientsin cabbage.

If you prefer to dine in the comfort of your own home, a 6-course Festive Treasures takeaway set menu that includes ikan parang yusheng, Prosperity Sea Treasures in Wooden Pot (poon choy) and dessert is available for take-out at both Min Jiang restaurants. (S$468 for 6 persons)

English Afternoon Tea Buffet

For rebels seeking an alternative to the traditional Chinese fares, try the English afternoon tea buffet at L’Espresso.

English afternoon tea buffet
S$58++ per adult / S$29++ per child

Available from 21-24 January 2012
12noon – 2:30pm, 3pm – 5:30pm

The usual Chinese New Year treats are done up with surprising western twists. We’re talking yusheng with smoked salmon, quail eggs coated with pork floss, nian gao beignet and bak kwa finger sandwiches.

Nian gao beignet

Nian gao beignet

The nian gao beignet in particular will leave you wanting more; these bite-sized pieces of the sticky cake are wrapped in savoury crispy spring roll skin and deep fried whilst maintaining a soft, sweet interior.

Chinese New Year Goodies at The Deli

Traditional New Year cookies and chips are available at The Deli, with all-time favourite snacks such as cashew nut cookies, almond cookies, chiku chips and yam chips. (S$18.80 to S$20.80 for a jar)

A Chinese New Year must-have, bak kwa is sold in small neat slices. (S$48 for 600g, S$72 for 1kg)

Macadamia and kumquat tart

Macadamia and kumquat tart (available for takeaway at the Deli)
S$$48 for 1kg

The macadamia and kumquat tart is one unique creation you will remember. It is filled with crunchy nuts and refreshing kumquat, and adorned with almond flakes, whole macadamia nuts and marzipan firecrackers. The centrepiece is the auspicious Chinese character for prosperity that will add much colour to your festive celebration.

Fortune mandarin orange pound cake

Fortune mandarin orange pound cake
S$72 for 1kg

Just as eye-catching is the Fortune mandarin orange pound cake, shaped like a giant mahjong tile with the Chinese word for fortune. Lightly perfumed with citrus scents and encased in icing that isn’t cloyingly sweet, this eye-catching dessert will make a perfect gift for mahjong players!

Mango with pomelo & sago pudding and durian pudding

Duo of Prosperity Fish (available for takeaway at the Deli)
S$98 for 10 persons

Another highlight would be the Duo of Prosperity Fish, consisting of a mango with pomelo and sago pudding and durian pudding. Durian fans can opt for both fish-shaped puddings to be of durian flavour for the price of S$108.

Available from 9 January to 6 February 2012. All takeaway items require an advance order of one working day.

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