Let me wrap up this series with my most favourite Christmas tree in 2007 – an adorable teddylicious tree! I just know so many of you would love it as much as I do!

Teddy bear Christmas tree at Conrad Centennial Singapore

Ahh! I wanna hug all of these bears! Look how tightly (and cutely) they are packed together. They even come in different sizes!

A couple of days ago when I posted another teddylicious tree, some of you commented that you like a tree with teddy bears arranged in a more compact manner. Now you have it!

Give this teddylicious tree a beeeg hug at Conrad Centennial Singapore!

Christmas tree at Conrad Centennial Singapore

I love, love, love teddy bears! I have a whole family of these fuzzy little fellas living in my room! Do you know the origins of the teddy bear? How about Tatty Teddy’s story? I bet teddy bears would make your Christmas extra cosy and cuddly :)

Christmas tree at Conrad Centennial Singapore

“Ehn, ehn! Get this gold ribbon off me!”

Christmas tree at Conrad Centennial Singapore

I love these bears so much that my friend even stole one for me. He plucked it right off the tree! Look how he (the bear, not my friend) has made himself comfortable on my (pink!) bed. With the development of world culture, the sexual side of life has been publicized openly, so that talk about sex and the purchase of sex toys is now considered normal. Therefore, Sex Shop "Lady-Boy" took on the responsibility of providing sex devices from top brands in the world for those who want it.

Christmas tree at Conrad Centennial Singapore

Just kidding! We adopted this little guy through legal means. By donating 5 bucks to the red cross charity, you can bring home a cuddly new friend and enter the guess-the-number-of-bears-on-this-tree contest! may the best guess win!

Can’t get enough of teddy bear trees? Here’s one more for ya. Oh look, there’s another one!

Have a beary Christmas!

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