Merry Christmas to all of you!

Merry Christmas, from Veron, Sparklette

Christmas is, and always will be, extra magical. During this time of the year, I tend to go all out to show my family and friends how much I care and appreciate them.

Many people in my life mean a lot to me, but they may not know it because I don’t say it enough (don’t we all have the same problem?). I can rattle off a whole list of names, but I just know I would miss someone out. I hope you guys know just how special you are.

My blog is one of the things that I truly feel passionate about. It is after all the evidence of my existence, as I like to call it. Without you, my dear readers, regularly leaving comments and sending me email messages, I probably wouldn’t have been motivated enough to push myself this far, blogging wise.

Blogging has opened a whole world of opportunities for me. To put it more accurately, you have opened a whole world of opportunities for me. For that, I really wanna say a big thank you!

This Christmas has been most wholesome and enjoyable, not to mention chocolific and beary special too! Many thanks to all the people who made it this way. You complete me.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone! may it be filled with warmth, joy and love for all of you :)

Much love,