If you are looking to grow your web presence and attract more readers and traffic to your website, you are welcome to contribute guest articles on Sparklette.

Benefits of writing for Sparklette

Free publicity – Get exposure to all Sparklette readers. This is especially great if you are just starting out as a new blogger/writer and need an audience.

Confirmed readers – Your article reaches the RSS feed readers of all 2,600 dedicated RSS feed / email subscribers, so you get instant readership.

Social media Promotion – Your article is posted on our Facebook (6,600 fans) and Twitter (2,600 followers).

Author by-line – You are free to include a photo, an “about me” paragraph and a link to your website.

Featured on front page – The best articles are often featured prominently at the top of the front page for a minimum period of one month, giving your post plenty of exposure.

Long term traffic – Your article remains on Sparklette for life.


The articles should be relevant to the overall topics of Sparklette – dining and travel.


To maintain the quality of Sparklette, here are the following criteria for guest posts:

Language – Your article should be written in good English.

Picture quality – Any photograph used should be taken with an actual camera, sharp and of minimum 560px width. We can help you do image enhancements if necessary, but minimally they must be sharp.

Sources – If you are using images or quotes from another website, please indicate the source.

Original unique content – The article must be original and not published on your website or any other website whether in part or in full.

Exclusivity – The article should be exclusive to Sparklette. You are welcome to link back to the article from your website to let your readers know about your article.

How to submit

You can submit the article as a Microsoft Word Document, with images embedded or as separate JPG files (minimum 560px in width). We will do the necessary HTML formatting.

To submit an article or clarify any question, please head on over to the contact form. Thanks for your involvement with Sparklette.