Dining while abroad can feel as though you are tiptoeing around a minefield of unfamiliar rules, as the do’s and don’t of table manners begin to change. Table manners are the ultimate way to show respect (or some accidental disrespect) to your gracious host.

This helpful infographic created by the team at Restaurant Choice navigates curious eaters through the dining etiquette around the world. Let’s say you’re at a restaurant in Japan and you’ve got a tiny bit of sticky rice left on your chopsticks. Whatever you do — don’t lick the chopstick. It’s rude, man! Dining out with a group of friends? In this situation, splitting a check would be considered terrible etiquette, same goes for China and France.

Thailand Dining Etiquette

Portugal Dining Etiquette

Japan Dining Etiquette

Italy Dining Etiquette

India Dining Etiquette

France Dining Etiquette

China Dining Etiquette