Hello! My name is Cheer Bear. I am a Care Bear and this is the first time I’m blogging!

Mommy has been super busy lately, especially now that she is in her final semester. She knows she has neglected this blog and she’s deeply sorry for it. She has tasked me to take over blogging for the day. Now isn’t this exciting? My first blog entry! I must do a good job and make Mommy proud.

In the few weeks before this, Mommy had been so busy she barely had time to rest and had fallen sick a lot. I’m very worried for her. But I’m very happy now that she is recovering well and has also gotten her appetite back!

Hmmm… I’m new to blogging and I’m not so sure what to blog now. Ah I know! I shall talk about my new friend, jolly mah. Mommy is worried that her busy schedule would mean less time spent with me. So she got me a companion. Jolly mah is a very friendly sheep and his coat of wool makes him a very cuddly and warm companion indeed! His favourite word is “baaaa”. Here’s a photo of us together.

With this, I shall sign off now. I hope I did a good job and cheered you up for today. After all, my name is cheer bear and that is what I live for: to love, to care, to share, and to bring a smile into your life!