Let me just start by saying that I love the postbox that I’m presenting today. Out of the 5 postboxes that get my vote, it is quite possibly my most favourite! Titled “rolling hill”, this very fun and cheerful postbox at carpenter street gets my final vote in the STAMP nationwide art project.

Rolling Hill Postbox

It is a multitude of bright, vivid colours! Much thought and detail has obviously gone into this creative and very well put-together composition. Amidst the green rolling hills (much like the green Singapore) are several very familiar Singapore icons.

At one quick glance I have already spotted a Singapore explorer bus, a river bumboat, the Esplanade, shophouses, and the clock tower – is that the Victoria concert hall? There are quite a number of clock towers that we have here!

All these familiar landmarks have been meshed together very nicely! The end product looks really cute and fun. It worked for me.

Voting ends tomorrow. Just one more day to vote! Do head over to the website and vote for your 5 favourite postbox designs!