Dear blog readers, I am seeking your help. My blog has been entered into the blogfest 2006 organised by the national university of Singapore arts club. I’m in the running, along with other finalists, for the “most creative blog” title.

The most creative blog is the one judged to have “creativity in design, writing and aesthetics“. All the finalists under the “most creative blog” are listed here so you could take a look before deciding who to vote for. If you love reading my blog, and love its design as well, please drop me a vote! Don’t worry if you are not from NUS, because voting is open to all, and voters get to win goodies such as mp3 players.

I have been blogging ever since late 2003 and this blog has been through 10 major revamps. I even bring a digital camera with me to take photos everywhere I go, just so to make my blog more beautiful and interesting. I would say this blog has come far and helped me in getting various jobs. However, this is the first time I’m entering any blog competition, and I really would like to have your support.

So… Please vote Sparklette!

The voting process goes like this:

1. firstly, please register yourself over here if you haven’t. It’s pretty simple, they only ask for your user name and your email address. The system-generated password is emailed to you.
2. next, you log in over here with the given password.
3. then proceed to vote! My blog is in the second category called the “most creative blog” listed as “Lord can you tell me� How far is Heaven?” @ /

Yes! It is that simple! Well actually not really, because even before voting you have to register, and then log in with the random password that doesn’t seem to be changeable, which means you have to keep the email in your mailbox.

BUT! You get to win stuff if you vote! 100 voters would win Asialinx privilege cards worth $38 (I don’t actually know what that is) and california fitness vouchers! Even if you have something against voting, I would say the california fitness vouchers are worth changing your mind for.

Damn, I hope to win those vouchers too! There would be 100 of these so I would say the chances are very good. These are pretty good deals just for sitting at your computer and clicking away.

Mandy zhang, one of the committee members behind blogfest 2006 emailed me today, reminding me to pull in voters. Voting actually commenced on February 27, and would end on March 27. I’ve had a late start in this competition, and have only managed a measly 8 votes so far (1 of which is self-voted, so it doesn’t really count). You only get to vote once per day though, so please help by voting everyday.

Thank you! Any kind of support would be much appreciated.