Yesterday was a special, special day. Not only was it 070707 (July 7, 2007) where many couples chose to tie the knot, it was also the day when popular local community metablog, celebrated its first anniversary. is rather special to me personally. I remember it was about 8 months ago that U-Zyn, the big boss of, approached me to give the website a redesign. I agreed immediately because I love the concept of the website, and saw its potential.

At the first anniversary party yesterday, U-Zyn announced that the website has grown beyond a 1000-strong community. That’s no mean feat! (at the party, U-Zyn also disclosed that the idea for was conceived when he was alone in his bedroom one day. Now we know how some big ideas are born.)

This party was the first big event of We found sponsors, a suitable venue, had food and door gifts catered for, and a fun socialising session, plus booze at Brewerkz! Sure, there were hiccups along the way, but it was a great party for a first-time effort considering no one in the organising committee had any prior experience in managing or organising events of this scale.

A fun awards ceremony was threw in to reward bloggers from the community. Out of the 11 blog categories, there were interesting ones such as “most entertaining blog”, “most controversial blog” or “most insightful blog post”.

A few posts ago, I had shamelessly rallied for your votes in the 3 categories that Sparklette had been nominated for – “Best Blog Design”, “Most Entertaining Post” and “Most Insightful Post”!

I’m pleased to announce that Sparklette won the awards for “Best Blog Design” and in addition, “Blog of the Year“!

I have no words, but to thank my supporters and all the people who voted for me! As for winning the “Blog of the Year” award, I totally didn’t see it coming. I believe my exact words when I went up to receive my award were “i really want to thank my supporters and all the people who voted for me! I totally didn’t see it coming.”

Haha thanks folks! I love y’all so, so very much :)

070707 was a special day. You made it special. The awards do not belong to me – they belong to all of you.

Much love,

(A quick shout-out to the peeps I got to finally meet and speak with at yesterday’s party: paddy of bak2u, josh of advertlets, talented web designer aen, local entrepreneur bjorn, and long-time blog supporters daphne and nay min thu.)