Make that “100 percent not interested”. She feels nothing for you. None. Zero. Zilch. She never did, and she never will. These are five foolproof ways that a girl may be using to tell you to back off and leave her alone.

5. She avoids your gaze and hardly makes eye contact. She’s happier looking down and around, at her food, at the surroundings, in fact anywhere else but you.

4. She does not appear to be interested in the things you say. She lets you do all the talking. Her replies are simply “yes”, “no”, or more frequently, “uh-huh”.

3. She ignores your calls and messages.

2. She makes sure you are aware that she is seeing other guys.

And the number one sign…

She tells you straight to your face that she’s not interested in you, and backs it up with facts and reasons, letting you know exactly where you fall short (because you asked).

Jesus! What more can a girl do?

Okay I’m aware that I’m probably sounding a little bitchy right now. But frankly, the only thing that’s more annoying than a guy that wouldn’t stop going after a girl who’s clearly not interested, is a guy who wrongly assumes that she is.

Read the signs. Quit finding other reasons for her behaviour. Please.