Vending machines

During my brief stopover at the same airport on my way to and back from Dallas last November, I remember Japan as a land of vending machines.

Cigarette vending machine

There were even cigarette vending machines, which we later realised could be found in ubiquity throughout Tokyo.

Buying ice cream from a vending machine

We bought our first vending machine items in Japan – ice cream!

Hi-tech toilet with all sorts of devices

Besides vending machines, Tokyo is also a place with hi-tech toilets such as this particular one at the airport. I didn’t know what half the gizmos did in there, but I know there were butt washers built within the toilet bowl, and music that played at the press of a button. Toilet courtesy, anyone?

Our various transportation passes that would take us around Japan

After purchasing and collecting our various transportation passes from the airport, we were ready to take on Japan!