Check out this beautiful neon signage!

"Romantic" neon signage

How often do we come across a huge signage with lovey-dovey words like “romantic”? That is precisely why it caught my eye! During the day, the big block letters appear in clean white juxtaposed against the sweet pink background. At night, it illuminates with a warm fiery light glowing around each individual letter.

This pretty signage is only a temporary installation found along a pedestrian walkway. Do you know where it is? Make a quick guess in the comments!

"Glamorous" neon signage

Besides “romantic”, there are also other words alongside such as “glamorous” and “modern”.


Actually, the words all string together to form a sentence. But due to the vast size, I could only capture the keywords one at a time on my camera!

Guess where I found this signage! It is in a busy district somewhere in Singapore. And oh, please do refrain from reading the comments before you enter your guess!