everyone knows that right? Here’s something to further add on to that.

Kitten Dismembered

seriously, what kind of a sick bastard would do something like that? People kill one another all the time, out of rage, jealousy, for money, love, or what have you. But to dismember an innocent young kitten? It must take a really disturbed freak to do something like that!

jeez, words can’t describe how I feel now. Just reading the short article alone makes my blood boil. You know what I would do if I ever see someone dismembering a kitten?

i would seriously give the fella a hard kick in his groin. Repeatedly. Until he squirms in agony and can’t even scream, as just the act of screaming would induce pain. I would kick him until he can’t stand it no more and collapses onto the ground. I would then stomp on his groin with my sleek stilettos. Repeatedly. With the same knife he used to dismember the kitten, I would dismember his dick.

what if it’s not a man, you ask? Well I would find a way, still. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

man, that’s how mad I am right now. My old-time blog readers would remember the incident where I caught another son of a bitch at my block trying to run a cat over with his remote-controlled car. You can read about it over here. The incident happened more than two years ago, and I still remember it vividly.

recalling that incident, reading numerous articles about animal abuse and torment all the time, and now this. I just cannot understand the sick mind of animal abusers. I don’t care how many times they have been abused when they are growing up, or how much violence they have witnessed or are accustomed to, torturing animals for morbid pleasure is just wrong.

the laws over here simply pay no regard for animals. Animal abusers are almost never caught. Even the ones that do, they either get away with a stern warning, or spend a number of weeks in jail for torturing and killing an animal. People seem to readily accept that animal abuse takes place and let these bastards get away scot-free. To those people who have witnessed animal abuse and never did anything to stop it, they are no better than the perpetrator himself!

yeah, if you can’t tell by now, I am damn pissed off right now. Jesus. I wish I could do something. Just anything at all. The apathy and self-centeredness that Singaporeans display is really getting on my nerves. The genuinely nice ones (like that old Malay lady you see every morning) who feed stray cats in the neighbourhood are ostracised, verbally abused even, simply for their display of kindness towards animals. People in general think that we shouldn’t feed stray cats because they would just breed and multiply and populate the neighbourhood.

do you know that most stray cats around here have been neutered and therefore can’t breed anymore? Next time you see a cat, look closely at its left ear. It should be slightly chipped, an indication that it cannot reproduce anymore. By ostracising or preventing people from feeding cats, it only results in starving these poor animals who are perfectly harmless. Isn’t this an act of cruelty as well?

for those who have cat-phobia and are so sure that cats would follow them at their heels if they came too close, get over yourself! Cats are independent creatures who wouldn’t care less about following anyone unless they really like you!

please, if you haven’t, treat animals with a bigger and kinder heart. Give the neighbourhood cat a gentle stroke of its fur (cats are mighty clean animals). Report animal abuse and teach that son of a bitch a lesson should you ever find one in the act of animal cruelty. Whatever good you do would return to you in kind.

too many of us have stayed too quiet for too long. It’s time all of us do our bit to make this world a better place!