i have been neglecting my cats quite a lot. When I say “my cats”, I’m referring to the few permanent residents living at my void deck. We store cat food in our mailbox so we would feed them whenever they give us pitiful looks.

on my way home today I found spooky the black cat and the fair coloured “buddha” cat (so-called because he would sit around the whole day, just like a Buddha statue!) sitting together, much to my amusement. This was a rare sight so I quickly snapped a few pictures!

Yin Yang Cats

buddha cat always seems to get into a fight with just about any cat. We have witnessed his involvement in quite a few fights with different cats and kittens, so I was quite surprised to see him allowing spooky that close to him. Maybe he’s taken an interest to the very sweet spooky, who’s the direct opposite colour from him.

Yin Yang Cats

the black cat sitting in the darkness and the fairer cat sitting in the light, quite the epitome of yin and yang don’t you think? There have been a spate of cat abuse and murders recently, with one twisted serial cat killer, David hooi, getting the maximum jail sentence of one year. I consider this the first battle won against animal abuse in Singapore. A year ago people here barely bat an eyelid when cases of animal violence came up. Punishments, if there was any, for the perpetrators would range only from “stern warnings” to three-month-long jail sentences.

head over to the website of project jk, a team that helps and saves animals in need. There are also many images of abused cats over there. If you haven’t used up your donation fund for this month, perhaps you would consider sparing a few bucks for this non-profit group.