Hi everyone, I’m back! Dear Mommy asked me to resume my blogging duties soon. She said a lot of you have been asking about me since my first blog post 2 months ago. Is that true? It makes me so happy! Meow!

“but what should I blog about?” I asked Mommy. “kitty, why don’t you blog about all the things you love?” okay, I shall listen to Mommy and do just that!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten

That’s me on the table. I love running and climbing! It makes my legs strong! I especially love performing for humans. Each time someone is watching me, I do my best to put on a good show! My favourite trick is doing a vertical dash along the back of the leather sofa without falling off!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten reading newspaper

Ever since my hind legs grew strong enough, I have enjoyed jumping on to the table to read the newspapers. At least, when Mommy is reading, I would accompany her by sitting on the newspaper. So many tiny words!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten with toy mouse

Let me introduce you to my pet mousey. His name is ben. He’s one of my most favourite things.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten coming out of pet tent with toy mouse

I would carry him around in my mouth. He’s such a great companion!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten with toy mouse

Mommy bought me this tent which even has a blankie inside! She said all little boys need camping experience. I think she’s quite surprised by how fast I grow, because I soon grew too big for the tent! I love its engine red colour though.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten on bed

Another favourite activity of mine is burrowing into small spaces. That’s me underneath Hello Kitty. I love Hello Kitty. The girl’s fine.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten on bed

I remember when Mommy saw me crawling between her pillows and sheets. She was so amused she laughed out loud! I wonder why she found it so funny. I almost got lost in there!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten

In my free time (which is when I’m not sleeping), I would look out for new crawlspaces to get into.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten with flowers

These colourful flowers are so big! They are soft too, just like me.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten with colourful yarn ball

That’s fuzz, my colourful ball of yarn. Sadly, I have torn it into shreds. Mommy said she would make me another fuzzy ball. She just doesn’t know how yet.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten

So I shall just play with my feathered toy for now. Catching and biting onto those feathers sure is satisfying! It comes with a bell too.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten

Look what I can do!

All right, Mommy just said that I’ve worked my paws hard enough and I deserve some treats now. Hip hip hooray! I’m off for my kitty treats! Meow soon!

signing off with lotsa paw hugs and kitten kisses,
Snowy the Ragdoll kitten signing off