A big meow to y’all! My name is snowy and I’m a 3-month-old Ragdoll kitten. I was born early this year and soon found myself in the loving care of my new Mommy Veron and her family. Right now I’m just the weight of three small apples, but one day I will grow up to be a big strong boy!

*turns on camera*

Hellooo? Can you see me?

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten

Birth Certificate
Name: Snowy (or Snowball)
Breed: Ragdoll
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 28, 2009
Eye colour: Sparkling blue
Hair colour: Gorgeous white
Temperament: Very playful and affectionate

April 13, 2009 would forever be a memorable day for me. That’s the day Mommy brought me home from the pet shop that I once called home!

You may notice that I have blue eyes and a pink nose. Mommy says that my blue eyes are mesmorising, especially with the “eyeliner”. I try to tell her that I’m *really* not wearing any eyeliner. After all, I am a boy!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten purring on lap

Although I appear to be white now, I may not be a white kitty forever. When I grow older, the fur ’round my eyes may grow darker. According to Mommy, it should look like batman’s mask! I heard he’s some kind of superhero, so that’s gotta be cool!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten lying limp on lap

Each time Mommy carries me like a baby, I would rest limply in her safe arms. We Ragdolls are pretty floppy by nature, ya know. Whenever we feel the love of being hugged and carried by a warm human, we relax our muscles, like totally, and purr. That’s why we’re called Ragdolls!

I was a little shy in my new home initially and kept burying my face in pillows. But soon I was running around like the happy kitten that I am and playing with my brand new scratching post!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten under the table

My favourite hiding places are under tables and in narrow crawl spaces. Most of the time I am quiet as a mouse. Mommy’s family let me wear a baby blue collar with a jingling bell so that they can hear me whenever I’m catwalking about. They painstakingly picked a colour that matches my blue eyes! What do you think of it?

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten by his kitty bowl

My most favourite item in the house is this: my kitty bowl! I eat yummy food from it. It even has a separate compartment for fresh water! Meow! I must eat more so that I can quickly grow bigger!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten with Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear)

That’s Tatty Teddy. He doesn’t do much ‘cept sit around all day. Sometimes I play with him, sometimes I don’t. Mostly he just ignores me. I do hope one day we can be friends!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten with Tatty Teddy (Me to You Bear)

I love playing with balls. Balls are so cool! My favourite is the one with a bell. It’s a gift from one of my human visitors!

Ever since I moved into my new home, a steady stream of humans have come to visit me. They would coo about my long white fur, or ooh and ahh over my blue eyes. I wonder what all the fuss is about. All my brothas and sistas look just the same! It’s fine with me tho. I love being around humans!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten asking for a hug

Gimme a hug please, good people?

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten taking a nap

*gnaws paw*

When everyone’s out working (so that they can buy me more food and toys), I would be home sleeping. But as long as someone’s around, I would always sit or play by his or her side.

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten taking a nap

Sleeping is a fun activity that can be enjoyed in various positions… Face-up, face-down, paw in mouth… My favourite is lying sideways facing the wall. Zzz…

Nap time is always at my favourite corner in Mommy’s room, where it gets so comfortable I doze off in an instant. When Mommy wakes up in the morning, I would follow her from room to room ’til she leaves for work. Then I would go back to sleep and wait for breakfast.

Psst… I’ll let ya in on a little secret. When I’m sleeping, I love it when Mommy strokes and pets me. It makes me feel like the happiest and most loved kitten in the world!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten

Mommy says that I’m very playful and always outrunning her. When I tire from all the playing and running, I’ll lie under the table for a break. The weather recently has been hot, hot, hot! It’s much cooler on the floor for someone with this thick coat of fur!

Snowy the Ragdoll kitten sleeping

Oh yeah, Mommy says that even though I’m cute, I should do more than just eat and play and sleep (and poop) all day. Otherwise I’m just another lazy kitty. So occasionally I would blog over here too, starting with this first post!

Boy, I sure hope I’m off to a good start!

Meow soon!

signing off with lotsa paw hugs and kitten kisses,
Snowy the Ragdoll kitten signing off