I love Little India! The area makes me feel like I’m a tourist in a foreign land! Out of my numerous visits, I wonder why I had never seen Ananda Bhavan Restaurant. It’s a double-storey Indian vegetarian eating house, also the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Singapore!

The place boasts fuss-free, no-frills dining. You queue up at the counter to order and pay for your food. You get a queue number (like the ones at clinics!) which would flash on the LED screen when your food is ready to be collected.

Mysore Masala Thosai

Spicy Mysore Masala Thosai

The daily special was Mysore Masala thosai. It came folded into a triangular shape and boy, it was big! I couldn’t finish most of what was on the plate! It was served along with 3 different spicy pastes and a curry. The curry was watered down and bland. My favourite condiment to go with the thosai was the bright orange-coloured one.

Mysore Masala Thosai

Each thosai packed a pouch of potato, onion, corn and green peas. It was rich in flavour and yummy yummy! I love Indian food!


Spicy Samosa

We had samosas to go along too. For me personally, samosas are a staple in any Indian meal. I had been worried that the samosas here might be a little stale, but I was wrong! The thin crispy layer of skin wrapped around ample portions of filling. Yum yum!

At the next table, we noticed people eating thosai that were 2-3 feet long! Boy, am I gonna have one the next time I drop by!

Ananda Bhavan Restaurant
Little India
58 Serangoon Road
Singapore 217964
Tel: +65 6297 9522 | Website