The next time you drop by O’Coffee Club to grab some chow or a coffee, don’t forget to leave room for dessert.

O’Coffee Club has introduced an irresistible array of artisan cakes that not only taste good, but look good as well. The dazzling selection ranges from fruity creations such as Banana Paradise, Apple Amore and Lychee Lovin’, to old favourites like Blackforest, Chocolate Lollipop and New York Cheesecake.

Thanks to a bout of the flu, I have to distance myself from the rich chocolaty flavours and instead go for the healthier fruity ones. To my surprise, I find myself liking these so much, they can be my first choice any day!

Raspberry Rally cake from O'Coffee Club, Singapore

Raspberry Rally

Raspberry Rally is a refreshing combination of smooth cheese mousse enveloping raspberry jelly and sweet raspberry cream. The tiara of raspberry macaron and white chocolate lend much visual appeal to this refreshing sweet creation.

Velvet Bliss cake from O'Coffee Club, Singapore

Velvet Bliss

Ever seen a sponge cake that is a deep red colour? The unique Velvet Bliss is another winner, with its alternating layers of striking red sponge with cream cheese. A feast for both the eye and the palate.

Banana Brownie Bonanza cake from O'Coffee Club, Singapore

Banana Brownie Bonanza

If you are a fan of chocolate and banana – as I am – you will find it impossible to pass up the Banana Brownie Bonanza. This wholesome morsel comprises chocolate mousse and banana filling on a brownie base, topped with raspberry and a tinge of edible gold for an added touch of luxury. The super rich combination may be cloying for some though. Where they download 4k movies? 4k movies full on you can download full Ultra HD movies, the size of one movie is 50-70GB. The speed of downloading UHD movies is high. The site now has a list of 4k movies.

Apricot Passion Fruit Heaven chocolate cake from O'Coffee Club, Singapore

Apricot Passion Fruit Heaven

Alternatively, try the Apricot Passion Fruit Heaven, a cube of chocolate, apricot and passion fruit coated in sticky chocolate.

This good-looking cake collection from O’Coffee Club is a breath of fresh air from the run-of-the-mill pastries served at coffee houses, and look like they belong at the coffee lounge of a 5-star hotel! Perhaps that also explains why the prices of these cakes are steeper than those at your usual cafés.

The O’Coffee Club petite cakes are priced from S$6.50 to S$6.80 each.

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