Just like its popular mooncake cousin that sees a variety of innovative flavours at Mid-Autumn Festival, the humble rice dumpling is increasingly manifesting with a range of bold fillings.

For Dumpling Festival 2011, Peony Jade Restaurant at Keppel Club has created a selection of rice dumplings, including a quartet of dessert dumplings that must be the first of its kind.

Healthy organic wild truffles rice dumpling from Peony Jade Restaurant, Singapore

Healthy organic wild truffles dumpling

Organic loyalists can go for the healthy organic wild truffles dumpling. Stuffed with organic farmed black truffle, morel, white porcini, red porcini and chanterelle mushrooms, it tastes very earthy and powerfully of mushrooms.

Classic Cantonese rice dumpling from Peony Jade Restaurant, Singapore

Classic Cantonese dumpling

To appeal to the traditionalists, the classic Cantonese dumpling consists of pork cubes, mushroom, chestnut, salted egg and dried shrimp.

My personal pick is the sweet Nyonya dumpling (S$4.80) that comes added with minced pork, wintermelon cubes, coriander and sand ginger for a more robust flavour compared to the usual Nyonya glutinous rice dumpling.

Longan, durian, lychee and mango dessert dumplings from Peony Jade Restaurant, Singapore

Tutti-Frutti dessert dumpling

Most unusual is the set of Tutti-Frutti dessert dumplings. Do they remind you of snowskin mooncakes, especially when they are similarly packaged in a square box? The four flavours are (clockwise from top left) longan, D24 durian, lychee and honey mango. These are probably as far from the traditional rice dumplings as they can get!

The translucent lychee and longan dumplings, for instance, are made of the Japanese konnyaku jelly and very refreshing. Each one contains a single fruit at its epicentre. The honey mango dumpling tastes sourish and includes sago pearls and pomelo sac. The best of the lot is the durian, made of seemingly pure durian pulp.

The dumplings are available at Peony Jade Keppel Club until June 6, 2011.

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