Last month, we reviewed Singapore bakery Naomi Kitchen for its creative fruit cakes and Swiss rolls. Apart from those, another very unique offering by this cake shop is its Swiss rolls with special designs.

Growing up, Japanese manga series Doraemon was a huge part of my childhood. So I decided to commission a Swiss roll featuring Doraemon! This is what Naomi Kitchen came up with:

Doraemon Swiss roll

Doraemon Swiss roll

Isn’t it adorable? Not only does the cake have the robot cat as the centrepiece, he’s also accompanied by the 5 main characters!

Doraemon Swiss roll

The cake roll arrives in a pink cake box with a partially clear lid so that you can sneak a peek at the goody within.

Doraemon Swiss roll

The roll features Yuzu sponge, Yuzu fresh cream and Yuzu mochi for an overall tangy and refreshing flavour.

Doraemon Swiss roll
Shizuka, the pretty neighbourhood girl

Doraemon Swiss roll
Suneo, the rich kid who bullies Nobita with Gian the local bully

Doraemon Swiss roll
Doremi, the sister of Doraemon

What can I say? I definitely prefer Swiss rolls in pretty designs than the usual plain-looking rolls! You can order designs like Louis Vuitton and Prada for a special lady, or bunnies and teddy bears for a baby’s full month celebration.

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Naomi Kitchen
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