Virgin Digital created this awesome digital composite image some time back. There are 75 bands hidden in there. Can you spot all of them? This image has been floating around the internet for a long time. But here it is in case you haven’t seen it before. Be sure to enlarge and view it in full screen!

Spot the 75 bands

What a clever piece of marketing! I couldn’t keep my eyes off it the first time I got hold of this music brainteaser. It’s guaranteed to distract you from work so do this in your spare time! Do proceed with caution too – it’s super addictive!

My friend Fernando sent this image to me (thanks dude!). I ended up spending a few days poring over it and got around two thirds of the bands. Then I promptly forgot about checking out the answers until now. Yes, I have the answers. Are you ready for them?

Here are the answers. But promise me you would spend some time on the image before taking a lookie will ya? (The answers display just 70 bands because it is a cropped image.)

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