Calling all cat lovers and/or art lovers! Local husband-and-wife team of artists, paulMysh (paul and michelle) has an ongoing exhibition at utterly art. It’s catmasutra! So called because all the paintings feature cats as a theme. Very adorable and very colourful!

Catmasutra 3 at Utterly Art

This is the third year running of catmasutra. I only heard about it recently, which is a real shame because I wouldn’t have missed catmasutra 1 and 2 for the world if I had known about those!

Catmasutra 3 at Utterly Art

The cat models used in the paintings are actually paul and michelle’s own cats – halo and angel. Now, these two kitties must obviously be very playful since they inspire paintings such as “art of levitation”, which has angel getting high on alcohol.

Catmasutra 3 at Utterly Art

Not to be outdone, halo, the greedy cat who’s always seen with a fish bone in his mouth, gets high on Hoegaarden, in “night out in the garden” (above, centre). Good choice! That’s my favourite beer too! I had two last night!

Catmasutra 3 at Utterly Art

He gets even more drunk in “” (above, centre)! Man, the life of a cat is good! I’m one of those people that get infected by laughter easily. So when I saw the wide, ear-to-ear smiles of these cats, I couldn’t help but smile along too! They looked so adorable!

Well those were my favourite paintings. A few other personal favourites include “cat’s sutra” and “hot soup”. look here for more.

Better still, head down to the gallery at utterly art! It’s located on a second level shophouse along South bridge road, opposite sri mariamman temple. It’s a neat little place with a bunch of friendly people. The catmasutra exhibition is on until Christmas eve!

Catmasutra 3

Utterly Art
229A South Bridge Road (opposite Sri Mariamman Temple)
Level 2 Singapore 058778
Tel: +65 6226 2605

Date: December 14 – 24, 2006
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mondays to Sundays)

Admission is free