The swedish ship gotheborg was an actual ship that sank off the coast of gothenburg in the year 1745. The ship, along with its cargo that was worth millions, had made its way from Sweden to China and back again before it sank. In more recent times, a full-scale replica of the gotheborg was built to investigate the mystery behind this sunken ship.

The gotheborg replica reenacted the same journey that its ill-fated predecessor made more than 260 years ago. As part of a two year long expedition, it came to Singapore too. In fact, it is now docked at the VivoCity promenade!

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg

The moment I saw pictures of the gotheborg in the press, I knew I had to see it for myself. I just HAD to!

Anchor of the Swedish Ship Gotheborg

Check out that huge anchor! I’ve always wondered if those things hit any sharks or other sea creatures when the crew lower them into the water.

Sails of the Swedish Ship Gotheborg

Very ancient looking ship with those sails and all! I can almost see the pirates. Love it!

Figurehead of the Swedish Ship Gotheborg (Resemblance with the Singapore Merlion)

One thing that surprised me a little is the ship’s figurehead. Doesn’t it bear a striking resemblance with our very own merlion?

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg, 20 tons of ropes, 2000 square metres of canvas

In order to maintain the character of the ancient ship which was built by hand, 20 tons of ropes and 2000 square metres of canvas had been handmade and sewn for this replica. Almost every stitch was made exactly identical to the original. It’s incredible!

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg, with Pulau Brani in the background

I’m really loving the VivoCity promenade. Barely two months back, it had played host to another cool ship, the doulos, which is the world’s oldest active passenger ship. And now this!

Rear of the Swedish Ship Gotheborg

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg at sunset

The gotheborg is open to the public until tomorrow, so you can go on board and explore a little. It would remain in Singapore until the 14th. Do not miss it!

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg at sea

The Swedish Ship Gotheborg
VivoCity Promenade
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Opening hours: 10am – 5pm
Admission: $10

Ends January 9, 2007