The car park outside somerset MRT station used to be the most “dangerous” car park in Singapore. Home to many trees and a hot spot for thousands of birds, people who parked their cars there frequently returned to find their vehicles covered in bird poop! Passers-by quickened their pace, some might have ran, for fear of being… Excreted on by one of the birds. (sorry, have to go laugh myself silly at that image!)

That problem no longer exists now that all the trees have been logged and car park demolished to make way for a new shopping mall. Like we don’t have enough malls already! Some of those trees must have been decades old. What a pity!

As for the birds, they would need new roles to fill their time of course. They’ve found new jobs as postmen!

Pgent Postbox

See? They are climbing ladders, using parachutes and riding rockets to get our mail delivered! What an adorable idea! This cute postbox is one of the 40 postboxes that have been creatively painted for STAMP, a nationwide art project. I am voting for this design and four others.

Voting ends April 29! Only a few days left to vote, so hurry! Support creativity!