Oh yeah, a friend of mine got me a full set of the wanroom capsules. It’s made up of eight pieces of wanfurniture, all of which have the cute doggie faces. I fell in love with these the very first time I saw them in a shop window weeks ago. And now I finally have them! Thanks dude!

From the left, there’s the wantoaster, the wanlight, the wancushion on the wanglebed, the wano’clock on the wanchest, the wantissue, and the wancompo. They are all so little and tiny next to the 50-cent coin. Totally kawaii!

The items are detachable too. For example, the tissue paper can be taken away or slotted into the tissue box.

Similarly, the piece of bread is detachable from the toaster too!

The wano’clock and the wanchest.

Each piece of furniture comes in its own box, just like the real thing! There’s the wancompo, which is essentially a hi-fi set.

Cute, cute, cute!