Guys! Guys! These are freakin’ hilarious! You would love it!

In a recent post, I described how a local blogger played a prank on a timeshare scam company. That was really funny!

Then I came across these telephone conversations by American comedian tom mabe, who makes a living out of playing pranks on telemarketers! He leaves a voice recorder by his phone so that whenever he receives a call from a telemarketer, he can immediately record the conversation.

Just listen to these!

A telemarketer calls him and is fooled into believing that he has called an actual crime scene!

Over here, the telemarketer is trying to sell him – get this – a prearranged burial plot! Creepy! People sell everything over the phone these days!

Hahaha what do you think? Apparently this guy is doing so well he’s even selling his funny telephone conversations on CDs! I think these clips have been floating around the web for quite some time, although I only came across them last week.