And this was the day we left Japan.

I had successfully gone the entire night with no sleep at all! Early in the morning, we allocated ample time to get to Tokyo narita airport. But somehow by the time we did get there, we were among the last passengers to check in! Both of us ended up sitting separately in lousy centre seats.

Departure hall at Tokyo Narita Airport

On our train ride to the airport, we had assistance from several people with carrying our luggage. Foreigners are definitely friendlier and more inclined to help when they run into another foreigner speaking the same language.

The 2 spiky-haired dudes who helped us with our luggage

These two spiky-haired Malaysian dudes helped us load our luggage onto the overhead cabin on the train. What struck me most was… The amount of gel both of them had in their hair. I kid, I kid! They were very nice people.

A middle-aged Taiwanese man on the same train ride gave me his number too, and asked me for mine, all the while watching me struggle with my luggage instead of helping. It was very disturbing.

In-flight meal on All Nippon Airways

Anyway, we very nearly missed our flight. This was my in-flight meal on ANA.

In-flight meal on Air Nippon Airway

Chicken with saffron rice. Is that Indian food?

Salmon side dish on Air Nippon Airway

Cake on Air Nippon Airway

The cake was really dry and had a funny taste too. This was by far one of the worst meals I’ve had on any airline, which was surprising considering it was a Japanese airline.

Haagen-Dazs ice cream on Air Nippon Airway

Vanilla ice cream from haagen-dazs! It sweetened the predicament of being stuck in a middle seat for 7 hours. Watching spider-man 3 helped too. Not once did I even get off my seat to pee.

Throughout the flight, I was anticipating the plane to reach Singapore finally; I kept looking at the flight monitor! Sure, I love Japan. But I was excited to see my loved ones after more than 10 days of being away.

Heck, I even missed the weather! Having experienced the scorching Japan summer, Singapore now seems really cool in comparison. I shall never again complain about the hot and humid weather here. Come on, kuwaitis have to endure daytime temperatures of 56 degrees Celsius!

Seafood Platter for 2 at Fish 'n Co

Fresh daisies to welcome me home, and a seafood platter for two at fish ‘n co! Thanks!

So here endeth my first ever trip to Japan, and my 11-parter blog series on this colourful and beautiful country.

Already, I am missing Japan very much.